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BTS: Crafting the Freemotion bike rental project

BTS: Crafting the Freemotion bike rental project

At Polarise Media, we pride ourselves on our meticulous approach to media production, from conceptualisation to the final delivery. Our recent collaboration with Freemotion Bike Rental in Gran Canaria presented a unique opportunity to showcase our comprehensive process and the professional journey we embarked on together. Here’s a glimpse into how we brought this project to life, capturing the essence of cycling in one of the world's most picturesque locales.

Initial Consultation and Contract

Our journey began with an initial consultation with Freemotion Bike Rental, where we delved into their vision and objectives for the project. Understanding the client's goals is paramount, and this step allowed us to outline a strategy tailored to their needs. Following a thorough discussion, we formalsed our partnership through a contract, setting the stage for a collaborative and creative process.

Storyboarding and Creative Development

The next phase involved detailed storyboarding and idea development. Our creative team worked closely with Freemotion to transform their vision into a tangible narrative. This step was crucial for aligning our creative direction with the client's expectations and ensuring every shot was purposeful and impactful. Through a series of revisions and approvals, we crafted a storyboard that served as a blueprint for the entire project.

Idea Development to Pre-Production

With a solid storyboard in place, we transitioned to idea development and pre-production planning. This phase was all about logistics, from scouting locations that perfectly encapsulated the beauty of Gran Canaria to scheduling shoots around optimal lighting conditions. It also involved technical preparations, such as selecting the right filming equipment to achieve the desired effects, including FPV drones for immersive shots, traditional drones for aerial perspectives, and full-body harnesses for dynamic tracking car shots.

Shooting: Bringing the Vision to Life

The shooting phase was where our planning and creativity came to fruition. Equipped with an array of high-tech filming gear we captured the essence of Gran Canaria's cycling routes and the unique experiences offered by Freemotion Bike Rental. We focused on showcasing the island’s landscapes, the quality of the cycling roads, and the expertise of the tour guides. Despite the challenges of shooting in diverse locations, our experienced crew adeptly navigated every aspect, ensuring we remained on schedule and aligned with our storyboard.

Post-Production and Delivery

In post-production, our editors and graphic designers worked meticulously to piece together the captured footage, adding narrative cohesion and a polished aesthetic. This stage was about refining the visual storytelling, color grading, and integrating any special effects to enhance the viewer's experience. After final reviews and client approvals, we delivered the three 3-minute videos, each serving as a testament to the beauty of cycling in Gran Canaria and the comprehensive services offered by Freemotion Bike Rental.


Our project with Freemotion Bike Rental underscores Polarise Media’s commitment to excellence in every phase of media production. From initial contracts to storyboard development, from shooting to final delivery, we ensure a seamless, professional journey for our clients. This project not only highlights the beauty of Gran Canaria and the cycling experience but also the meticulous, collaborative effort behind creating impactful media content.

We believe in the power of storytelling to captivate and engage audiences, and we’re proud to share this journey with you. Through our collaboration with Freemotion Bike Rental, we’ve once again demonstrated our dedication to delivering high-quality media content that exceeds expectations.

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